Clinic Tour

Slideshow: Virtual Tour

Our new home

View from Pinnacle Drive

Reception Area

                Our reception area is spacious and open with great lighting while you wait with your pet.           

Exam room

We have four full sized exam rooms to meet you and your pet. This view is from the reception area towards our treatment room

Exam room

This view of the exam room is from our treatment area

Treatment Area

This is our main working area for the hospital.At the center, we have a Y shaped configuration of our tables to allow for multiple procedures to be occurring simultaneously. The cages on the right side of the picture are where we keep our most critical cases for constant evaluation. The door in the middle of the picture goes into our radiology suite. 

Treatment area

Here is an opposite view from previous image. The stainless steel table on the left actually can be used as a "wet table" for dental procedures and minor surgery. The door in the back ground on left goes into our radiology suite.

Surgery Suite

Our surgery room is equipped with current  anesthesia and monitoring devices.The overhead lights provide superior illumination

Radiology Suite

Here we have our digital X ray machine which provide us with high quality images to diagnose issues with your pet

Entrance to Bathing and housekeeping

On the left you see the traditional stainless steel tub for bathing small animals. However, a unique feature here is our large dog walk-in tub on the left. A closer view is coming up. On the right adjacent to the  lower cabinets is our dishwasher to clean all of our bowls and dishes.The door below the exit sign opens into our exercise yard in the back  of the building.            

Walk In Tub

Here is a closer view of our walk in tub for large dogs. We have found it is easier on the pets (as well as the people :) ) using this feature. 

Indoor Kennel Area

This area contains both small kennels and runs. The door exits to the backyard exercise area.

Beds for runs

Each of our runs are available to have a special elevated doggie bed that allows them to sleep or rest off of the floor if they desire. The run to the right is "oversized" to allow more adequate space for our larger friends. :)                

Indoor Kennel Area

Here is an additional view of the runs and kennels.   The clipboards you see on the doors are where we keep the information for each pet staying with us. The small pails  attached to the doors of the larger kennels and runs are where specific items to each pet are kept.          

Backyard Exercise Area

Here is where your dogs will be walked and enjoy some outdoor fun.

Quiet Runs

We have a separate area that contains 5 runs only. This space is used to keep less vocal canines or allow those who are more easily stressed. This location allows them  to have a more calm and  intimate environment away from the typical traffic associated with our kennel and run area.

Isolation Ward

Here is where animals with contagious sickness are treated and kept separate from  healthy animals. It has its own sink, dishes and treatment space               

Cat Boarding room

We have our feline friends stay upstairs in a completely separated room from any dogs. A window on the right outside of the camera view provides natural light.

Kitty Boarding

Here is a view of the opposite wall of our quiet feline area.You  can see to the right of the picture a special sink which can also be utilized  to give a bath when needed.

Break room

Upstairs next to our kitties is where we eat our lunches and have a fully stocked kitchen.

Thanks for viewing our tour

While this virtual tour tries to capture our facility, feel free to stop by for us to give you a tour of our hospital. We love it and think  you will too!